Our Most Memorable Valentine’s Day

Feb 7, 2018

This wasn’t just any Valentines Day it was our no kidding FIRST Valentine’s day back in 2012 and still probably our favorite one out of the past 6 years for better or worse. We will jump into why in just a second so hang tight.

For anyone who has ever dated someone they wanted to marry and February 14th starts ticking closer you better believe they are counting down the days. I know you never expect the question to be popped but there is always that little voice in your head hoping that maybe, just maybe this will be the day. After all, almost 7 million people get engaged on Valentines day every year so its not unrealistic to expect something like that to happen to you!

Well it was no different for us. Like I said it was our first Valentine’s Day together and we had been dating steadily for 8 months. At this point we both knew we would someday say “I Do” but the conversation never really came up nor did we reveal it to each other just yet. Later I would find out that Dana was eagerly waiting for Valentine’s Day for this very reason. Everything leading up to this moment pointed to me possibly popping the question that every little girl dreams of. I had just returned from deployment and while deployed I purchased a hot air balloon ride as Dana’s Christmas present that was scheduled for Valentines day. On top of that I booked a 2 night weekend at a resort and spa in Sedona Arizona. Lovely resort, hot air balloon ride, first Valentines Day together, in love, and 8 months of dating it was just a matter of not when but where I would be dropping to one knee and asking the long awaited question that weekend.

We eagerly packed up the car and left on our trip from Tucson to Sedona. Laughter, excitement, and anticipation filled the evening. It was one of times you always remember later in marriage. The freedom to travel, to enjoy time with each other without any distractions, no kids to worry about, just the two of us.

(As you can see from the image we were just as silly then as we are now!)

Once in Sedona we quickly settled in and prepped for our hot air balloon ride the next day. Not sure if you have ever gone on a hot air balloon ride but they start EARLY. With disheveled hair and one eye open I made it to “The Balloon”. Dana on the other hand made sure she took a little extra time in the morning to get ready. Not totally out of the norm but it was obvious she took a little extra time this day. Being a naive gentleman I didn’t pick up on why she was acting like that. I am sure you can guess why she was doing what she was doing. Needless to say the ride was nothing but pure enjoyment for the both of us as we cruised over the red rock of Sedona thousands of feet in the air in a basket together. What a wonderful time to ask the question one may think. Nope, not here.

(I was so thankful I was able to track down these photos. This was before we started printing our memories. Hard drives get lost, stop working, or simply forgotten about. Now 6 years later we wish we would have printed more. )

The day transitioned into a nap followed by dressing up for the evening. We were going to explore downtown Sedona in style and hopefully find a wonderful place to eat. Fancy restaurant? No way! We ended up in a hole-in-a-wall BBQ spot dressed to impressed. Anyone who has known us for anytime knows we love our hole-in-a-wall restaurants. They are simply the best when it comes to a good meal. Was this the moment I would propose? Not quite yet. I think if Dana knew this she would have enjoyed the BBQ a little more. I was scratching my head as to why she was trying to be so clean while eating. Another one of those naive moments for the books. I would also later find out from Dana that after her friends told her it sounded like I was going to propose in Sedona she went out and spent quite a few hard earned dollars on the dress she wore that evening and her high heals. That was a hand slap on the forehead moment to say the least.

We finished up dinner and took a stroll back to our room. Flowers, candy, and gifts adorned the bed. Was this the moment? If you have read this far I am sad to say it was not. I know. You must be thinking right now what in the world was I thinking? That’s just it. I wasn’t thinking. Two days, opportunities abound, no proposal.

So it still stands to this day as the best Valentine’s day we ever had together for better or worse because even though I missed a perfect opportunity to propose we still had an amazing time making memories we will forever cherish.

For those of you who are curious, it was a month later that we were officially engaged and another month after that we were married! Say what?! Needless to say I learned quickly after our Valentines Day weekend what Dana was eagerly anticipating so I got on the ball and did what I should have sooner. Stay tuned for part II to hear about our wedding story.

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