6 Tips On How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

May 30, 2018

     We are convinced that photography is one of the top three if not the single most important service you will book for your wedding day. Your photographs will be the window through which generations of family and friends will be able to peer into your special day. How special will the moment be when you can sit on your couch 20, 30, 40 years from now with your children and grandchildren while you flip through your wedding album and tell your love story with all of the emotions you felt on that day!


So with that here are 6 Tips to Find Your Dream Wedding Photographer.


1. Meet With Your Photographer


     If you found someone whose style you love then it’s time to see if they have your date available. Keep in mind dates begin filling up anywhere from 10-18 months for wedding photographers. If your date is available, then request to meet or video call. We love meeting with our Bride and Grooms in person over coffee or a drink and talking wedding day details and learning more about their love story. This is so important to do to ensure our personalities mesh and that we are the right fit for you. While you don’t have to be a perfect match personality wise it is important to be able to communicate and feel comfortable around each other. This will ensure you receive the most relaxed, natural, and beautiful photographs possible. It’s also a great time to ask any important questions you may have.  Side Tip: Be sure to ask who is showing up on your wedding day especially if it is a team of photographers. You want to make sure that the photographs your looking at were photographed by the person you are meeting with.


2. Utilize Pinterest!

     Because who doesn’t LOVE spending time on Pinterest. It’s such an amazing tool, so no surprise that it also helps with your photography research. When you log into Pinterest start pinning wedding photographs that catch your eye. What you are doing is identifying the feel and look of what resonates with you. When you have at least dozen or more pins of photos that you love, take a moment and view them all together. Are they all dark and moody, light and airy, film, soft, saturated and vibrant, artificial or natural lighting, posed or unposed? Even if you can’t put a name to the specific look of the photography style, you will recognize it again as you begin viewing photographers portfolios.  We believe in capturing your day as it unfolds naturally in the purest of ways without being bothersome. At the end of the day regardless of the style of photography what matters most is that your love is captured in an authentic way. Feel free to hop over to our Pinterest Profile if your in need of a little inspiration!


3. Are The Images Consistent


     In the same way a particular style emerges when pinning photographs you should be able to see the same consistency with a wedding photographers portfolio or social media. When all of the photographs are seen on one screen do they all look similar in style? In the beginning it is common with new photographers to go through a few changes with their post processing style before they finally hone in the look that they are known for. So ask for the photographers most recent work to ensure it is indeed the style you love. At the end of the day there is no need to stress over the exact words or style descriptions. The only thing you need to ask is does their portfolio speak to me?


4. Ask To See A Full Wedding


     This ties in the previous two tips. Wedding days are very dynamic. Changes in lighting and environment all provide different challenges when it comes to photography. One way to ensure you have a seasoned photographer is to ask to see a full wedding gallery or album. When your done viewing everything ask yourself two questions, did the gallery cover the key moments of the day that you want captured and tell a complete story? Do the images look consistent throughout the day? Side tip: If your wedding is inside all day or majority of the time then your going to want to ask to see more indoor photographs and vice versa if outside. If your curious as to what a full wedding gallery looks like click this link: Long Beach Wedding


5. Ask For What Services Are Offered


     In the photography business there are standard services that most everyone offers. While you may not be 100% sure what you want in regards to photography services going into the initial meeting it will be an important topic to consider especially prior to discussing pricing. Services to think about are how many hours of coverage you need, digital files, engagement session, album, printed products (canvas, frames, prints), boudoir session, bridal session, anniversary session, number of photographers, how the photographs are delivered, etc. Come up with a list of must haves and nice to haves. That way when your presented with the photographers collections or a la carte pricing you can have a discussion on what you want. It will also be important that if you have a must have service such as an album that the photographer offers this service.

6. Client Testimonials


     Take a look at a few client testimonials. Testimonials provide a great way to see from another Bride and Grooms perspective as to what stood out to them.

 This is one of the biggest moments of your life and we love celebrating it together! You can find our client testimonials on Facebook, wedding wire, our home page, and google.


We hope these tips serve you well as you continue on your wedding planning journey. If you would like to talk more about wedding photography email us at [email protected] or call 661-483-6469.

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