Superstition Mountain Engagement Session

Mar 1, 2019

“By the way… I’m wearing the smile you gave me!”

     You are engaged or just got married, maybe thinking of your day, and somehow you landed on this blog. This inside look to a very special moment in someones life. A moment between two people, as they share their love story with the world. We DO NOT take that lightly. It seems these days you can’t throw a stone without hitting a photographer, so making the right choice isn’t an easy one. So how do you choose? How do you know what they tell you is legit?

     Shannon was that bride, the one that had so many choices, and I’ll never forget meeting her mother and her for the first time. She was shocked at everything that was involved with planning and choosing. She relied heavily on the recommendations of others and was worried about making not only the right choice but the best choice.

     So if you are on the fence and you don’t know what to do… follow the advice of this Bride. Rely on others to guide you… digest their opinion, then decide what’s best for you!  Actions speak louder than words, if a photographer isn’t willing to fight for you, share all the reasons why they love what they do… then are they the photographer for you?

     After we “SAID YES” to working with each other, the planning began! It took a little bit to nail down the location for the engagement session but as soon as she said “Superstition Mountain” I said, “HECK YAAASSS these are our PEOPLE!”  These two were amazing, beyond laid back… and if this was any insight into what their Wedding Day would be like then…  O>M>G… #epic. These two couldn’t take a bad picture. Yes, these are real humans, and not staged models. We like to prompt all our couples with phrases and directions, to help bring on some natural interaction with each other. This helps couples relax and not think about the camera being on them. It sets the stage for a natural laugh, a genuinely shocked expression, and that in the moment real kiss. We laugh with you, hope to cry tears of joy with you, and do what we do best. Capture your love story as it’s meant to be told. Not staged, not an illusion, but real… and authentically you.  

 WOW do I love this Bride! She has a smile that lights up the room, a calmness to her that makes you channel your inner self, and a love for her Groom, that is intoxicating. I can’t wait to capture their Wedding Day! 

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