Picacho Peak Engagement Photos With Wild Flowers

Mar 31, 2019

“If laughter is the true fountain of youth, I shall never grow old as long as I’m with you!”  


Meet Eric + Lauren  

Arizona native who fell in love with a transplant… over a strong friendship! Lauren LOVES coffee Eric not so much. They both love getting out and doing things together… ice cream dates, golf range dates… you name it they will do it! So when we were planning their engagement session and Lauren said she wanted to see the wild flowers… we thought heck let’s do this… Picacho Peak here we come. The day started out super early for Lauren… one of our creative team artists arrived to apply Lauren’s Makeup they giggled and snickered at the excitement building for the session. 

We chased the sunrise….  scouted for wildflowers…. but they were starting to disappear. Lauren and Eric were awesome! They said it’s okay and thanked mother nature for the beautiful weather and the yellow blooms that were still present. The laughter was out of this world … the love was felt even behind my camera, with every click of the shutter they became more and more comfortable.


His Fave’s 

Family, Camping, and Sports 

The Movie Grind 

Reece’s (or Anything with Peanut butter actually)


Candle Lit Dinner’s on the Beach 

Dark Violet 

His dog Roo 


Her Fave’s 

Family, Camping, and Food

Parks and Rec

Coffee Coffee Coffee 

Driving Range

Dog Park 

Ice Cream 

Want’s to become a Mommy & Entrepreneur 


Her dog Roo


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