Miguel + Lindsey

Nov 10, 2017

Their love story has blown me away from the beginning.  From meeting them at a wedding show, to sharing a cup of coffee with these two… I fell head over heels with the details of their engagement and the affection they shared.  A cold wasn’t even going to stop Miguel from his pre-planned question popping surprise.  “Popping” being the key word… as Lindsey wasn’t the only one being popped something that trip!

A trip was planned to catch one of their favorite sports teams play. When they boarded a plane to Chicago… where Lindsey had NO idea her life was about to change.  Her family already waiting for her to arrive… Miguel flew them out prior to them getting there, he was sick and she begged that they post pone the trip.  NO WAY In heck… he said… for he knew the biggest question he would ever ask would happen during that trip!

As the flight took off, Miguel felt the pressure building up under his skin, more or less in his ears as they started to ring…. RING??? While in flight his eardrum ruptured! WOW thats one way to miss the words YES after a long awaited “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” Lindsey was at his side the whole time.. begging to cancel the trip, to get him help, to take care of him, to get him back home! There was no turning back now!

The question was popped… the surprise of her life, the dream that shes had since a little girl happened.  The man of her dreams, got down on one knee, and asked that long awaited question….”Will you marry me?”…. a squeel and a jump she said YES!!!! A thousand times YESS!.

Good job Miguel, that ring is perfect!

Not only was it a resounding yes but the second surprise came when out comes her family to celebrate… the two making the commitment to become one. To say she was shocked is an understatement.

As I look across the table sipping my coffee, I see the twinkle in her eye, as she looks up at him tell the story, their story…. he leaned down and kissed her on the nose so soft, so gently…. and my heart exploded as I couldn’t believe I was getting to capture one of the BIGGEST days of their lives! Stay tuned, this wedding is going to be epic.

UPDATE: View part II of their love story where they officially tie the knot! Click here

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