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Aug 28, 2020

So tell me, lately, have you found yourself saying or that of someone around you saying … “It’s our New NORMAL”? STOP right there… there is nothing NORMAL about what our world is facing. When COVID 19 swept through our nation, there was a sudden vibe that filled the air. Smiles became covered by masks, events were cancelled, and the joy of life felt like it was frozen in a moment’s time … for most but not all.

A few months ago, I received the most exciting text ever… “Dana, Dylan is going to propose … want to join our quarantine college graduation party (party of 10 that was) and capture it on camera?” YES YES YES I hadn’t picked up my camera to capture a love story in 30 some odd days because the busy spring season pretty much went up in smoke over night, so needless to say I  was jumping at the opportunity to celebrate in anything joyish! The proposal was emotional to say the least .. hear from Dylan’s own words on how it went down :

“The proposal was planned around Sam’s GCU graduation day. We wanted it to be the final icing on the cake as the sun set. After a whole day of celebrating and Sam’s graduation parade, it was time for pictures. As soon as Sam finished her pictures with her cap and gown, I walked over to take a picture with her. Before she could say anything I dropped to one knee and popped the question and the rest is history❤️💍”

What do you do after an on camera proposal? Well you skip dodge and hit up La Jolla Cove for epic engagement photos of course! Why this beautiful location? It’s full of memories for Dylan and Sam! Any chance they get they escape to the sun and sand so this was no different… except we had to embrace the COVID restrictions and wait for California to open up.

Did you get proposed to during the pandemic? Are you wanting so desperately to embrace the beauty of your love story and have someone who truly cares about capturing it on camera without the worry of everything COVID brings to the table? You don’t have to pause on life because the world is on pause… celebrate the love… capture it on camera… the world may not be normal right now but your LOVE story is. It’s worth creating and freezing your memories during this time.

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We hoped you enjoyed this session between these two incredibly playful and beautiful human beings.

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