how to virtually plan your wedding with every vendor

Apr 14, 2020

There is no denying that right now we are living in a new age of uncertainty.  The one thing any of us are certain of, is the world is lacking a lot of toilet paper and overflowing with #freejoeexotic meme’s. Thanks Carol Baskins for all the laughs.  If you have no idea what I’m speaking about you either don’t wipe your butt as much as the rest of the world or you don’t own Netflixs… both I highly recommend you start doing! Now that I lightened the mood a lot or a little, let’s talk serious business…. YOUR WEDDING!

The world must go on… I feel like that could be the next Disney song title… but really it does. You can’t halt everything because the normal way of achieving them is out the window. We make due with what we got, and we adapt… make a new way! So here’s ONE way you can totally rock your wedding planning, and really get most of it done while the world is stuck in lock down.

virtual wedding planning appointments


This day and age you can do almost EVERYTHING on the internet! With a connection to wifi and you can virtually access what you need any place at any time. So why not move your wedding planning to a virtual meeting hub? We totally know what it’s like to have all your plans thrown up in the air, like millions of papers being tossed by the wind, only to collect them and go OKAY NOW WHERE to do I  start?

So here are some tips on how to connect with each vendor virtually to continue the wedding planning of your dreams and come out of this quarantine fist pumping and say #weddingplanningsuccess!

Please note that some vendors could potentially NOT be on the virtual platform yet but, that doesn’t mean you have to stop with them.. reach out, request, and see if they are willing to work with you. 


01 Wedding Venue 

“Virtually we are showing  our venue, a walk through that brings you into our facility and gives you the insight to what your wedding could potentially look like here with us!” – Villa Siena 

The piece that literally ties the whole wedding planning together is where you are actually going to have your wedding.. The VENUE. Don’t skip this and place it on hold because you feel like you need to wait to continue the wedding planning process once this is chosen. You can virtually see any venue, reach out to the coordinator and ask for them to do a virtual walk through. You will be able to visualize the space, and get insight to if it’s where you want to say I Do. Now most people want to see the space in person to determine where to put decor ect. so have those ideas in mind.. tell the coordinator your ideas, and see if they can’t help you bring the space into reality while on the call with them. 

#2 Photographer

Fortunately most photographers are already working from home, and have an online presence. Personally we love meeting with all our couples in person. We take a limited number of weddings per year and we want to make sure they are a good fit just as much as we are a good fit for them. For our couples, whom are out of town, we do these meetings via a zoom call. It’s fun, and we feel like we are in the same room with them. There is something about putting a face to a name and even more so a face to a voice. Don’t feel like you can inquire about your wedding photography, reach out and set up a virtual appointment. See if they have a guide they can use to walk you through their services, and share with them your ideas and how you want your day captured. 


If you are finding that your wedding is taking on the form of something you didn’t originally plan for… include your photographer. Now more than ever we should document life. We would be honored to come along side you, and capture your new version of I Do. 

#3 Planner and Designer 

Due to social distance orders all if not most, wedding planners and coordinators have jumped on the virtual world and are holding meeting via Zoom. Something that was a huge YES for us was when we heard a coordinator say to utilize Pinterest to help bring their vision for their wedding to life. Using a platform like Pinterest to plan your wedding give a visual presence to what you are trying to explain. When there is a visual to look at there is no confusion when you say you want champagne and blush for colors, and your coordinator/ planner are thinking certain tones when you in fact are thinking of something different. Being able to connect via zoom too create a sense of social connection that we can’t really have right now in person. They can assure you, and put your wedding planning worries at ease. 

#4 Floral Designer

Many florist are moving their appointments to virtual ones as well. What we have seen across the board is that YES it’t nice to touch and feel certain florals, florist are urging couples to trust in them to bring their vision to life. One Floral Designer Wildflower Design Co.  has done just this. She loves seeing what you gravitate towards style wise, but her truest talent comes out when she is given freedom to design the florals around the couples. Again Pinterest is a great place to plan your wedding, by adding floral arragngements that you love to your board to share virtually with your florist. 

#5 Bridal Stylist 

“I  would love to help you with this special moment in your life during this crazy time for us all. Let’s bring some joy back into wedding planning and finding that perfect dress for you to say YES to!” -Ashley @ Array of Style

A new concept that is trending is hiring a bridal stylist to help you with those decisions that you can’t be in person to choose. Since we are seeing most bridal shops closed if not all, this is a great time to hire a professional who knows styles and trends. They can support you on finding the style of gown that is best for your body type and which bridal party dresses your girls should also wear. Ashley over at Array of style is doing just this.While virtually designing dream boards for couples of outfits for their engagement sessions as well as wedding collaborating tones to choose from. She is hitting the ground running with making sure your personality shines through your wedding day wardrobe. 

#6 Hair & Makeup Artist

Hair and makeup artists are still one of those wedding planning decisions that is up in the air. You can’t be over prepared on your day and this is a service we highly recommend you think more than once about. With social distancing orders it’s impossible to be able to do a trial run with your stylist right now but there are other things you can do. Vivienne, with A moment to blush says this, “I  love seeing your face, and if I  can’t see it in person, then I  would love nothing more than to see it through Face Time or zoom.” So many things can be achieved by this. Your stylist can see your skin tone, guide you on tips and tricks to prepare your skin for your day and go over your vision. You can create, on your Pinterest board, how to plan for your wedding visually, to add looks you like so that way you can virtually show your design team what hair styles and makeup looks you love. 

#7 Stationer

For the majority of Stationer’s the social distance impact hasn’t affected them. Working virtually already with all their clients they are able to now effectively design for couples who are currently at home and have more time. Now for the essential workers, still planning, this can be an impact of lost time, reach out to your vendor as they are ready to adjust and support you with choosing your designs for your wedding stationary. 

#8 Band or DJ

Chatting over the phone and or video can be great for discussing ideas, going through timelines as well as creating the feel you want for your Reception. We have asked and we are told these music magicians would like you to come with a list of songs you love and or hate already. This gives them a good idea for playlist creation. 

Think of this as a way for your DJ to get to know you and your finace’ better prior to the party. 

#9 Caterer

Food … what brings people together through any crisis! Tasting the food is vital for choosing which options you want your guests to enjoy during your wedding. Just like your venue it’s impossible to complete a tasting in person right now. A suggestion we have seen around the food community is reach out to the careering vendor and request that a sampling to go box be available for pickup. This will give you the opportunity to try the food and make the choices to serve at your wedding reception. 

This gives you the opportunity to ask all the questions, nail down your menu, and check one more thing off your planning list. IF you aren’t local to your vendor for tasting, you might want to request to speak to a manager and ask which choices are popular among couples. Come with a clear vision of pallet preferences as well as any food allergies you are requesting be supported. 

#10 Cake Baker

Okay just going to be honest… it’s nearly impossible to taste cake through phone! Some even would ay smell one too. So Just like your caterer we are going to recommend you request sample tasting of the cake that they offer. When it comes to the designing portion of your cake planning you can easily find styles you love and pin them to your Pinterest board. Visual communication is going to be so important when it come to the designing of your cake and helping your cake baker know what you really want esthetic wise. 

With cake designing usually needing a minimum of 6 months prior to the wedding, we highly recommend you at least putting your deposit down with that vendor. This will secure that vendor, so they don’t have too many cakes to decorate on your day. This will also start the virtual meeting process to help you design the wedding cake of your Pinterest dreams! 


#11 Officiant 

Generally when you are choosing your officiant most introductions are done via in person, but there is no reason why this can’t be done over the phone. A new trend we are seeing, is a friend or family member is becoming ordained to be able to facilitate this part of the wedding. It is a great honor and privilege to marry two people, and to choose someone with emotional value is even better. But in some cases couples want someone who is of a faith based religion to perform the ceremony and this too is a great way to meet with your officiant via the phone on Zoom or any virtual platform. 

Come ready with ideas and questions, with the knowledge if you will want to perform traditional vows or share your own. Which ever direction you go in choice of the the officiant this planning stage is more than able to take place virtually. 

tell us about your day!

After we collect a few short details of what you are dreaming up, we will reach out to get everything started. We take on a maximum of 10 wedding per year.

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