Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Feb 20, 2018


When you imagine Southern California the thought of cold weather doesn’t usually pop in your head first. It was one of those odd chilly days that happened to show it’s face on the same day these two love birds scheduled their engagement session. We talked about alternative options prior to the session but there wasn’t anything that was going to stop them from showing their love in front of the camera. In fact, I think they heated up the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic garden once they started going!

It is couples like this that makes our “job” so rewarding. The love, happiness, anticipation, laughter that fills the air is contagious. They were goal driven and dedicated individuals that found something within that made them giddy every time they looked at each other.

If you asked us 6 years ago that we would be doing this once side hustle turned full time dream job we would have laughed. Yet here we are. Creating one of a kind photos for one of a kind people. We believe every person and their story is as unique as a fingerprint and everyone’s story deserves to be told through photographs. These two right here are a story of what love looks like expressed in genuine form. There is nothing that could separate them and it showed!

This is what made us fall in love with Wedding and Engagement photography. Being able to have a front row seat into couples lives. Seeing first hand their love, hearing how they met, and chatting about their future dreams together never gets old.

Out of our fascination of love stories and photography came the formation of Buchanan Photography. As a husband and wife team based in Phoenix Arizona we are honored to have one of the best back drops and climates you could imagine when it comes to photography. Drop in and say hi! We love making new friends.

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