fairmont princess wedding in scottsdale arizona

Nov 15, 2019

One FALSE belief I often hear from brides is, “My wedding has to follow this particular planning process!”. I am here to let you know the good news. You can follow whatever process you would like and there are three common ways you can go about it.

1. Production Wedding – with family and friends, this is planned with months and months of preparations for the big day. Generally a venue is booked, and the wedding reception is catered with food for your family and friends. These weddings average about 136 and up in guest count.

2. Intimate Wedding – this is a smaller wedding, generally no wedding party, and only very close family and friends are present. Sometimes a random spot in the desert is selected or smaller venue and guests will show up at the location to either sit or stand as you commit your lives to one another. 

3. Elopement Wedding- NO family or friends are privy to your plans, and generally find out after the fact. This is private and either in a court house, or the corner of a cliff at an epic location. 

Production, Intimate wedding, or Elopement whichever you choose, just know your wedding doesn’t have to be defined by the number of guests or the lengthy details that are involved with making it all come to life. Regardless if you want 10 people there, 50, 300, or just the two of you.. your day is that… YOUR day. When you are at the beginning of the planning stage.. do me a favor and write down the people first that bring a smile to your face, the individuals that you know would reciprocate that smile when they lock eyes with you on your day and see you standing there in a wedding gown. Then decide how many you want to invite. The average wedding guest count is 136 right now… it may sound like a lot but once that lists starts coming to life… you will see you might be just right at that head count. 

Denise and Davids wedding at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess was right near that number .. hovering at the intimate experience and filled with so much love…. you could just see it on everyones faces. Denise being an event planner, she nailed the whole intimate wedding with a bang. 

Our biggest take away for all our couples is just plan what you strongly desire to see on your day. Don’t do it because you think you have too. Did you know Joe and I eloped! No joke… we weren’t going to tell until we needed vital information for our marriage license but it still was personal to us and no one knew or gave their input. We had our reasons and you all will have yours for the type of wedding you plan. So let your day be all you dreamed of and girlfriend You do YOU! 

Now without further ado here is David and Denise’s intimate Fairmont Princess Wedding here in Scottsdale Arizona.

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