Epic Cathedral Rock Engagement Photos

May 4, 2019

“And, with a deep breath, he closed his eyes, got down on one knee and waited to ask the most important question he would ever ask in his life” -Dana


Should you wait for the big Wedding Day to make your images epic?

Answer – You shouldn’t and you don’t have to.  Can I tell you a secret?  Joe and I 100% LOVE engagement sessions, like still get butterflies at the mere thought of capturing that #beginningstage of your love story! So when we were asked if we would hike to the top of Cathedral Rock to capture part of Matthew + Cori’s love story, Joe and I didn’t even hesitate….. HELL YES I believe is what we said in unison! Now hiking isn’t for all and don’t think you have to scale a rock and hang off a cliff to get those shots… you can do it anywhere. All I’m saying is enjoy this part of your Wedding Season.. it’s busy and full of decisions.. let us make this one easy for you. Engagement sessions are one of the most important parts to the wedding journey. We have seen it time and time again… “Should I?” “I don’t know if I want to, can I just save money by not doing one?” Let me put it this way in the only way I know how to explain what engagement session mean to me and our couples. 

Would you eat a taco without any toppings? Or would you eat a frosting-less cake? I hope you said NO!

Then this my friends is your answer, should your Wedding Photography journey be without an Engagement Session… NO!

 *We understand not everyone does one and that’s totally okay… but it’s this time … the time with no one waiting on you, no agenda, and no party to rush back to.. it’s just about the two of you… your love story and celebrating this time together!

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