5 reasons to hire a professional hair and makeup artist on your wedding day

Mar 26, 2020

We spoke to 5 insanely talented Wedding Hair stylists and Makeup Artists here in the Phoenix valley on the topic “why you should hire a professional hair and makeup artist on your wedding day”. Their advice was astounding and totally hit the nail on the head, to why this would benefit you on your wedding day.

Now yes I’m a photographer by trade but I also have over 10 years of Cosmetology experience and know just how important it is to go with a professional. So this would totally make sense that I would want to showcase some epic talent here in the valley in hopes to get you answers on WHY this is one service on your day you shouldn’t pass up. 

So here’s FIVE simple tips to Why you should hire a professional hair and makeup artist for you wedding day!


tip #1 less stress

The beautiful Ella Martin out in Mesa said this first tip perfectly… LESS STRESS, I loved her words on this little piece of advice!

“ I would always recommend my brides to book a beauty professional for their wedding day!”

“I’ve seen so many sweet brides have friends, family members or others offer to do hair or makeup and while it does turn out stunning- there’s so much added stress!  As a professional we have fine tuned our timing to make sure the getting ready part of the day goes smoothly! This should be the best day ever- no stress! My aim is to make you feel absolutely pampered.”

I love her advice on how to prep for your wedding day to help support of this LESS STRESS tip!

“I always Encourage a trial run! It makes the day go so much smoother and really helps me to get to know my brides hair before the big day so you and your hair looks its absolute best. I always recommend to plan an hour for the bride, and around 30 to 45 minutes for all others for hair- this leaves plenty of time for hiccups!”

If you would like to see more of Ella’s Hair work you can totally find her here —— > @ellaclarehair

Get to Know Ella :

what’s your wedding day specialty?

“Hair is my jam!”

what’s your style?

“Boho, beachy/undone looks”

what products do you use?

Kevin Murphy and Dry Bar Products.”

what do you like most about bridal hair?

“The joy and excitement felt not only by brides and their party of people but us vendors too, in helping a brides special day to be exactly what she’s always dreamed of.”

tip #2 hair and makeup will make or break a photo!

WOW was this a tip I was gripping at the edge of my seat wanting to shout HELL YES when the amazing Leah spoke her heart!

“The photos from your wedding are the only thing you have left in 20 years. Don’t make the mistake of hiring someone who knows next to nothing about digital photography and how your makeup will look in photos. Do you want to look like an “instagram” bride or the most radiant version of yourself? You can get glammed up and still have your family recognize you!”

GOSH… I can’t exclaim how much I admire this statement. It’s so true though… time and time again I see this. Trust me I get it, you want fresh and natural and totally want to avoid the pancake face or big scary hair… but images do need a little extra glam to help bring out those features. Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist like Leah will help you master that and make sure it is not over done.

I also love Leah’s advice when it comes to your wedding and how to prep for your makeup!

“I strongly suggest doing a preview of your wedding hair and makeup look. This gives us a chance to design the perfect look for your wedding day! Plus I have champagne!“

PLUS I HAVE CHAMPAGNE – yyyyaaaassss

If you would like to see more of Leah’s work you can totally find her here —— > @leahcayzerbeauty  @firstblushbeautyaz | Website: First Blush Beauty

Get to Know Leah :

what’s your wedding day specialty?

“I rock both hair and makeup!”

what’s your style?

“Natural and glowing”

what products do you use?

“Chanel  Nars  Tom Ford   Giorgio Armani”

what do you like most about bridal hair and makeup?

“I love the energy on a wedding day! I love getting to do the moms makeup the most. They often get overlooked so I love helping them feel special too!”

tip #3 memories

This ONE ladies…. It’s all about those moments that create the MEMORIES!

“Make sure you have a great connection and understanding with your stylist. Be open if you aren’t happy with something- we are here to make the day memorable for you!”

I can’t agree with Julia more, as I’m here nodding my head up and down in a very serious YYYYAAAASSSS! Time is so precious we only get so much of it… so hiring someone to no kidding save you time, and allow you to enjoy that time and make it memorable… I say no brainer!

Julia confirms it …

“Trials are crucial to be able to see what style is ideal and make any adjustments for the big day. About one hour for the service.”

If you would like to see more of Julia’s work you can totally find her here —— > @newdaynewhairaz  | Website: 

Get to Know Julia :

what’s your wedding day specialty?

“Hair Queen!”

what’s your style?

“All Bohemian”

what products do you use?

“IGK, biolage”

what do you like most about bridal hair?

“I love seeing the bridal party all come together and share stories”

tip #4 exfoliate!

Did you even think of that? The queen of skin prep tells it all!

“Your photos will last a lifetime and choosing to have a makeup artist will allow you the freedom to relax and  ensure that you look flawless the whole day (and night) through! This is your special day! If ever there was a time for pampering, this is it.”

 Do you see a trend here! These women are all speaking my language

 -stress free




Are you sold yet?

 Vivienne Tells all:

 “My best advice for a non-stressful day is to allow for an hour per person and have hair and makeup rotating the gals. Also, exfoliate! ”

 If you would like to see more of Vivienne’s work you can totally find her here —— > @amomenttoblush

 Get to Know Vivienne:

what’s your wedding day specialty?

“Makeup all day everyday!”

what’s your style?


what products do you use?

“So so many! I love Bobbi Brown, Mac, Tarte and others ”

what do you like most about bridal makeup?

“Getting to be an integral part of someone’s special day ”

thoughts on 2020 trends?

“As fun as trends are, my personal suggestion is to opt for a look that is uniquely you. Trends will come and go, but these photos will last a lifetime.“

tip #5 you are worth the investment

So many think they will just save in this department… wow do we agree so much with what Brooke says!

“You will not regret investing in your hair and makeup! After your wedding day is finished and years down the road when you want to reminisce on your big day all you’ll have left are your pictures and/or video. You want to make sure you look and feel your absolute best for years to come and I would love to help you achieve that!”

As I’m sitting here with the yaaassss girl on my face, I am also wide eyed and so determined to express your worth to you… I can’t agree with this more. Set aside the money for this … you are worth it, your day is worth it… just do it friend I promise you won’t regret it!!!!

Brooke tells all 

“I require all my brides to do a trial. I have done trial runs with brides who think they would like to try something new on their wedding day and it ends up not being what they envision so we do another trial to make sure it’s what they feel best in. Working with your photographer is key to the perfect timeline. I work together with your photographer to make sure everyone is finished and where they need to be in order to have enough time to shoot photos. ”

If you would like to see more of Brooke’s work you can totally find her here —— > @emeraldbeautyaz

Get to Know Brooke :

what’s your wedding day specialty?


what’s your style?

“Everything! Natural to full glam”

what products do you use?

“I work with a lot of different brands. All of the products I use are professional grade.”

what do you like most about bridal makeup?

“Whether you are looking for a more natural makeup look or full glam I love working with my brides to find the perfect fit for them. Nothing makes me happier than the bride and bridal party feeling absolutely lovely and pampered on the morning of the wedding! ”

what is your thoughts on the 2020 wedding trends we will see in the muah world?

“Makeup trends are definitely changing to a more natural, boho vibe. Lots of gold, rose gold, bronze, and browns. Lots of lashes and big brows are in! I specialize in bridal and can do it all but this is what the 2020 bride is going to be all about!”

So as a quick recap of nuggets you can pull out of these artists responses:

1. You are worth it! It’s the one day you deserve to pamper yourself

2. Do a trial run

3. Don’t change your style and what you want the day of your wedding. You can always request another trial run

4. Alleviate stress by hiring a professional hair and makeup artist

5. Photos are the one thing you will have the rest of your life from your special day. You will want to look and feel your best!

Well ladies and gents… there you have it! I hope these tips gave you some helpful information that will help you decide on whether or not to hire a hair and makeup artist. 

from a photographers perspective:

“The wedding’s where we show up and can tell the day is going to run smoothly are the ones who included hair and make up professionals into their day. This adds more photo opportunities to the day.. as well as less stress on the bride. Whichever route you choose, do what’s right for your day!” 

tell us about your day!

After we collect a few short details of what you are dreaming up, we will reach out to get everything started. We take on a maximum of 10 wedding per year.

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